What Is Traders Insurance?

Traders insurance is commonly called motor trade insurance due to the nature of the business it covers. Both the terms are used interchangeably and refer to a range of covers and policies usually taken by those engaged in the motor trade industry.

Motor trade can include many occupations such as mechanics, detailers, valeters, showroom owners, scrapyards and even delivery services. Traders insurance is taken by anyone involved in such businesses regardless of the nature of involvement, size, and location.

The least a person needs to operate a motor trade business by law is Third Party Only Road Risk insurance. Often traders insurance refers to this basic level of cover unless otherwise stated. However, the basic level of insurance never actually covers all the risks. Hence, we offer a broad range of additional covers and riders, to increase the indemnity and protection for your business.

All our trader's insurance have the standard road risk policy, and depending on the type of your business you may get theft and fire, employer liability, public liability, content cover and more. We offer customized traders insurance for every profession in the motor trade industry. You can request a quote from us or give us a call to learn more.

Different Traders Insurance We Offer

At i4MT we believe every business and individual is different. You can pick any of the bespoke plans we have or give us a call to discuss your unique nature of motor trade business.

We have a vast network of insurers and underwriters who always come up with affordable and exhaustive bespoke traders insurance. If you do not find your choice of cover mentioned above, feel free to request a custom quote by clicking here.