Insurance For Car Traders

Anyone can become a car trader. Whether you prefer buying at auctions, scouring second hand listings or stocking brand new cars, you can become a car dealer even without a proper business address! You can begin from your home though eventually, you should move into a commercial property.

Regardless of the kind of trader you are, you still need car traders policy to conduct business in the UK legally. After all, any vehicle driven on a public road must always have third party insurance as the bare minimum. Of course, there are several other protections you can take such as public liability, employers liability, fire and theft, premises equipment combined and much more.

As a car trader, you can be a part-time mechanic, a full-time trader or a full-fledged company dealing exclusively in the import and export of exotic vehicles. Every business has its own set of unique complications and risks, that insurance can cover. Our Car Traders insurance is designed for all kinds of traders ranging from part-time home traders to those dealing from garages and showrooms.

Depending on the size of your business and location, you can select form a wide variety of customized car traders insurance. We offer bespoke car traders policy. While the basic ingredients remain the same, customizations are as per client requirements.

You may operate from home but have a small garage separate from your main property that you use to store and showcase vehicles. You may entertain customers on your business premises and allow them to test drive vehicles before they choose. You might even own a pickup and delivery service. We understand the subtleties involved and can recommend the best combination of covers and add-ons.

Car dealers don’t necessarily trade only in second hand cars. Some of you may even trade with exotic vehicles and high-valued collector's items such as those purchased at auction houses. Typical car traders policy will never cover the level of protection necessary for such expensive investments. We can tweak existing policies or create new covers exclusively for those who deal with high-value vehicles.

Likewise, if you do more than just trade cars, such as detailing work or valeting, then you probably already have equipment and stock that is at risk of damage or theft. We protect business premises, tools, stock depending on what it is you wish to cover in your policy.

As you probably already figured out, Insurance4MotorTrade caters to all kinds of motor traders ranging from mechanics, tyre fitters to dealers and even valeters. Naturally, we understand every single motor trade business and can advise you on the necessary additional cover required to engage in any other form of motor trade business when you decide to branch out.

If you happen to deal in motor trade and are looking to sell or buy cars for a commercial purpose, give us a call first. The chances are that you might already have the minimum insurance necessary trade vehicles. If not, we can advise a suitable cover on your existing insurance policy with us.

Remember, we deal only with the top underwriters and insurance companies in the country who specialize in motor trade insurance. Because of our deal with multiple providers, we are confident of meeting your every single demand at the lowest possible prices*