Insurance For Part Time Motor Traders

If you work in the motor trade industry on a part time basis as either a business or hobby, then i4MT can provide for your insurance needs. A second occupation increases income, but when your part time occupation is in the motor trade industry, there are a few negatives that you just have to deal with.

Not knowing how much you will earn in a month is probably the biggest concern for you. Whether you buy and sell cars, repair them or otherwise, being a part time motor trader comes with greater liabilities such as stocking up on spares, keeping expensive tools and renting a garage. Eventually, you get to a point where your primary occupation does not leave sufficient time to run a part time business, and you are forced to make a tough decision of whether to drop your part time gig or take it on wholeheartedly.

I4MT part time motor trade insurance reduces a lot of the risks that you take by keeping two occupations. We cover everything from your tools and components to your garage, customers, and employees. Basically, the insurance policy includes anything you need to run your motor trade business on a part time basis, and when you are ready to work on a full time basis, we can help by accordingly modifying the policy.

One key requirement from any insurer is proof of your motor trade business. Many underwriters tend to overlook motor traders on a part time basis and do not consider them unless they provide sufficient evidence of the nature of their business. And even then, you may have to face rejection due to your risk profile.

Frankly, getting a part time motor trade insurance is hard. We understand just how difficult it is to approach several insurers hoping that someone insures your part time endeavour. Hence, for part time traders, we have an exclusive agreement with several underwriters allowing us to give you an easy and stress free experience.

The only things we need from you to start talking with our partners are receipts of purchased parts for repairs, improvements or receipts for the sale and purchase of vehicles. We need transactional evidence that you are indeed involved in the motor trade industry. If you can furnish the necessary receipts, we can build you a bespoke insurance plan that is unique to the nature of your part time motor trade occupation.

At i4MT we always value the needs of our customers above all else. As someone who cannot give sufficient time to their hobby or motor trade business, researching and finding the cheapest or the best insurance is difficult. We at i4MT do all the hard work for you, so you do not go underinsured and certainly never uninsured.

Our long experience in the insurance industry allows us to understand your exact requirements and connect you with the right insurer. Moreover, as we mentioned before, our underwriters have minimal requirements and won’t ask much from you.

We have a dedicated claims phone number for faster processing of all claims and a customer service number for everything else. The sole reason to take an insurance is to safeguard against potential loss of income or any mishap in future, and it is only through quick claims processing that you can reduce the loss and extent of the damage. If you ever need to initiate a claim, give us a call on our dedicated claims number.

Your interests come first for us, and as someone engaged in a part time occupation, your needs will change over time. You may decide to branch out into a new motor trade service, buy more equipment or change your existing tools, rent a garage to expand your customer base. However, your business grows, we will always have you covered starting with the basic part time motor trade insurance to a comprehensive coverage that includes premises and content, employers liability, public liability and much more.