i4MT Insurance For Mechanics

As a mechanic, you fix problems, repair damages and provide a holistic service to customers. You may run your operations on your private property, have a mobile van or rent a garage. You may even have tools and equipment that cost thousands of pounds and some that are small but just as important. The question is, what have you done to protect the important aspects of your business?

Let’s face it, the chances of a mishap or accident are high. Theft, fire, accidents at the workplace or out on the road are highly possible. With our Mechanics insurance, you are prepared for any such outcome. Just tell us what you need, and we do the bulk of the work on your behalf so that you can concentrate on your garage and your customers.

Some of you may even have a mobile repair service for bikes and cars rather than a full-fledged garage. Ask us for a mobile mechanic insurance instead. Similarly, we have several specialized bespoke policies based on the exact nature of your service.

It is our job to provide you with the best possible combination of road risks insurance plus add-on covers that you deem necessary. We deal with several underwriters and depending on your specific needs we prepare a bespoke car repair insurance policy just for you. If you need tools and equipment cover, we include that in the quote. If you want the premises included, we think of all possible eventualities and give you choices from several trusted and renowned policy underwriters at the best possible prices.

There are three basic levels of insurance for mechanics that you can take. Keep in mind that there are also several additional covers, which we discuss in the next segment that you can add to any of the following basic motor trade insurances.

Third Party Only – The cheapest car repair insurance, it only covers damage to third parties on public property or public roads. This policy does not cover damages to a customer vehicle in the event of an accident or mishap. It, however, includes any damage to public property such as a light pole, hydrant, signboard or another vehicle/individual on public roads.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft – Fire and theft are just as big a possibility as an accident. This kind of cover includes fire and theft of the customer vehicle in your possession. For the entire duration a client leaves his car in your care, it is covered from any possible damage due to fire or vandalism.

Comprehensive – As the name suggests, it is all-inclusive. Everything available in the first two levels of road risks insurance is included. Additionally, a comprehensive insurance includes any customer vehicle in your care.

Just a basic road risks policy will not completely safeguard your business. However, by combining several other riders or add-on policies, you can make an entirely customized mechanics insurance policy just for your business. Take mobile mechanic insurance, it is a specialized policy we offer to anyone who provides roadside assistance either in the form of repairs or towing back to the garage.

Here are a few add-on covers you can take on top of the three primary options discussed previously.

Tools And Equipment Cover

Tire fitting equipment, hydraulic platforms, pressure washers, fabrication machines, the list of expensive equipment a garage can have is endless. Owning a fully equipped garage is expensive, and an adequate tool and equipment cover protects your garage from theft, vandalism, fire and other accidents.

Employers Liability

If you have employees in your garage or even for the front desk, you need employers liability to protect their employment and your business interests in the event of a workplace-related incident.

Cover Of Stock

Keeping spares in your garage is how you can quickly effect repairs. Inevitably you have to stock up on spares and parts to run a successful garage. With such a cover, your stock is protected against damage due to fire, theft, and vandalism. If you run your garage from a business premises, you may opt for the combined premises cover, which includes customer vehicles, cars and stock on your registered business ground.

Public Liability

If you allow customers to enter your garage, you are exposed to civil litigations in the event your client is injured or hurt on your business premises. Public liability cover helps tackle such tricky situations.

We understand the necessities of a mechanic and depending on the location of business, size, and nature of work. We can suggest a perfect combination of covers that will safeguard you and your business.

We have a healthy understanding with all our underwriters and make it a point to provide flexibility to our customers. With us, you can change your cover or indemnity at any time. You can add extra riders or remove those that you don’t deem necessary. You can even adjust the voluntary excess to reduce the premium.

Additionally, when you take a policy with us, we entertain no claim bonus and factor it into the quotations we provide so you know you are getting the best possible deal.

When you join our family, we give you access to our dedicated Customer service team that is always on hand to answer all your queries or resolve issues you may have. We operate on all weekdays from 9 am to 5:30 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm. For claims, we stay open throughout the day.