Insurance For Valeting and Detailing Businesses

Valeters Insurance is a necessity for anybody who operates a business primarily specialising in the valeting of customer vehicles. If you carry out valets on customer cars, then you'll often need to have coverage in place to protect yourself and your business.

The unfortunate reality is that more insurers charge a high premium for valeting insurance - for many reasons such as the industry is mostly unregulated. Insurers often don't have enough statistics to go off either - and their prices are usually based on the fact that "anything can happen" when you're conducting business. One of your employees could accidently crash a customer's vehicle while moving it, or your premises could be targeted by burglars in the middle of the night; resulting in the loss of all your expensive tools.

These are problems from which insurers tend to shy away. At Insurance 4 Motor Trade, we welcome specialist risks such as Valeting. We work directly with our underwriters to explain your unique circumstances. All of our quotes are custom tailored to your individual circumstances - such as your business location, no claims bonus, the number of employees, annual turnover and overall risk profile. We provide quotes for hundreds of Valeters each year - and we pride ourselves on being the cheapest valeting insurer guaranteed*.

Our road risk policies for valeters take several factors into consideration. We understand that every valeting business is unique with a different risk profile. You may operate from your home on a part-time or full-time basis. You might run a mobile valeting service or even work from a commercial open space such as a Supermarket parking area. You may hire drivers for delivery and collection of vehicles, keep expensive tools as part of your valeting service. Regardless of the dynamics of your valeting business, when you choose a

Regardless of the dynamics of your valeting business, when you choose a valeters insurance policy, and any additional policies, you get the following benefits (subject to what your business requires):

Road Risks Cover – A major part of any valeting service is delivery and/or collection. Even if you run a valeting service from your home premises, you still need a road risks cover, especially if you plan on driving your customer car, even on a simple test drive afterwards. The primary inclusion in a car valeting insurance policy, Road Risks Cover insures you and your employees to drive your customer’s vehicle but only in connection with your valeting service. The cover also includes moving cars inside your business premises.

Public Liability – Not usually included in a valeters insurance though you should opt for this kind of additional coverage if you operate on business premises (other than your home) and allow the public to enter your work area. The associated indemnity protects you and your business against any claims for potential damage or accidents caused to the public on your business premises, as a result of your valeting service.

Tools And Equipment Cover – Valeting can be an expensive business to set up. If you provide a full valeting service that includes machine polishing, complete interior cleaning, and paint rectification or correction process, you rely on expensive equipment such as Dual Action polisher or a fixed rotary polisher. An equipment cover provides indemnity in the event of loss of tools due to theft, damage or accidents.

Employers Liability – Whether you work from home or business grounds, if you have employees you need to protect them against potential accidents and injuries caused on the job. Employer Liability goes beyond the road risks cover, protecting your registered employees/drivers when they drive a customer car.

Insurance if not mandatory by law, is still a necessary investment for the sake of your business continuity. Remember a complete valeting insurance coverage will protect your business, employees, and customers from the moment a vehicle enters your premises to the moment you hand it over.

We work with several of the biggest underwriters in the UK to customize valeters insurance just for you. We understand the nature of your valeting business, the premises, the size of your workforce and other aspects before offering you a bespoke policy from a host of underwriters. By working with several underwriters, we can find you the cheapest motor trade policies guaranteed*

Additionally, our policies are not entirely written in stone, and you can always raise the indemnity level or cover, add additional vehicles, change driver names and do a lot of other things on the go. We offer hassle free renewals with updated quotes annually and the option for automatic renewals.