i4MT Car Wash Insurance

Car washes are a popular motor trade that is less reliant on location and other factors. However, a car wash will almost always need a large place and expensive equipment. Customers drive their vehicles in or leave them at the car wash. Naturally, there are many risks associated with a car wash, such as natural disasters, fire, theft, accidents, equipment failure, and injury. A car wash insurance can help mitigate some of the risk, if not all.

Automated car washes rely heavily on machines and tools. Tunnel washes use a heavy duty conveyer belt to drive cars through the various wash stages. Each stage has a set of brushes, cloth cleaning mechanisms and water jets that together clean a portion of the vehicle. All this equipment needs regular maintenance, and even the smallest damage to any component can result in an indefinite shutdown of the car wash. A comprehensive car wash insurance will not just provide combined premises cover but also heavy duty equipment protection and every other possible rider necessary to keep your expensive business ticking along.

Hand wash, and self-service washes are beginning to take center stage as the onus has shifted to careful, meticulous washing rather than a quick-n-dry service. Such an undertaking entails less investment and naturally has a low risk profile, but the necessity of insurance hasn’t changed. Theft and fire are all too real possibilities. Employees and customers both have the right to file claims against your business, by law if they desire to do so. Ultimately, your investment may be lower, but your risks remain high.

An insurer works with several variables, assesses the risks and finally pens a document detailing the kind of cover and indemnity they can provide in lieu of an appropriate payment or premium. Car washes vary not just in size but also technology. Some are small with a larger workforce while others have limited personnel with automated machines. Regardless of the car wash size and type, the risks are many.

With a labor intensive hand wash center, you should opt for higher employers liability and public liability. With an automatic wash, you need more instrument and equipment cover. But, with both types of car wash, you always need stock cover and business premises insurance. However, if you run a mobile car wash with tools and pressure washers powered using a portable generator, you probably need not invest in a premises cover. The typical road risk insurance with a few additional riders should suffice.

Making a judgement call on what you must protect is difficult. Every new insurance increases the premium, and there is only so much you can pay. We understand the budget constraints of any businessman and work with our team of underwriters to ensure you get a comprehensive car wash insurance at a premium that you are comfortable with.

It isn’t uncommon for a car wash to indulge in other activities related to motor trade. Selling second hand cars from the parking lot of your car wash can be a handy way to earn something extra without increasing your debt or investments. Likewise, a valeting and detailing service is the natural progression for any car wash looking to expand further into motor trade services.

The car wash insurance we offer covers any form of motor trade business you conduct on your business premises mentioned in the policy. However, it is always beneficial to inform us and speak with a representative when you decide to expand into a related motor trade field. Keeping us informed can help us give you better service and keeps your policy intact.

Remember, car wash insurance is a particular kind of motor trade insurance that includes lot other covers and riders for your specific needs. As your business changes and grows, so can your cover, provided you keep us informed.