HGV Motor Trade Insurance

We are motor trade insurance experts with a broad panel of underwriters available for all kinds of specialized traders insurance including hgv motor trade insurance. The exact nature of your business does not matter to us. All we need to make a policy is for you to prove that you deal with HGVs and are engaged in a motor trade business.

Heavy Goods Vehicles and naturally all insurances related to them are expensive. Your customers place a lot of faith in your hands when you service, repair, deliver or store their vehicles. Protecting your reputation, and the goodwill of your customers will always help in growing your trade business for which insurance is essential.

According to several surveys, motor trade businesses with appropriate insurance covers tend to garner a higher number of repeat customers. In an HGV motor trade business, insurance can translate to higher income and better profits. Customers feel safer knowing that their vehicle is in good hands as the right policy allows you to test customer HGVs, deliver and work on them free of risks.

HGV motor trade insurance is a holistic term that includes more than one policy or cover. In fact, most of our customers have a diverse policy that includes a lot more than just a road risk third party insurance, though that is the bare minimum you need to have when driving a customer’s hgv vehicle on public roads or public property.

We don’t peddle in “one size fits all” solutions. Our team of underwriters are patient and will listen to your exact requirements before drafting a single policy just for you. However, anyone needing an HGV motor trade insurance will have a few standard cover necessities. Here are a few optional covers we offer as part of our customized hgv motor trade insurance.

Fire and Theft Cover – Fire, theft, and vandalism do not discriminate. These dangers come unannounced and can hurt your business. With appropriate fire and theft cover stay one step ahead of events you just cannot control. We can also include natural disasters such as flood subject to approval from our underwriters and an express statement of interest from you.

Comprehensive Coverage – Road risk with fire and theft cover does not consider damage to your vehicle in an accident on public roads. A comprehensive plan safeguards the named driver of the policy and any vehicle registered on the MID.

Business Premises Combined Cover – Heavy duty goods vehicles need an ample work space and a lot of expensive spare parts. A combined business premises will insure the registered business address and any stock or content stored onsite.

Other Covers – As your business grows, you may want to add employers liability, public liability, demonstration cover and more. Our underwriters entertain such specific requests and will accordingly customize your policy.

It is worth remembering that optional covers add to your policy premiums. Remember, every optional cover mitigates a future risk, but it is you who must decide what risk you are okay taking and what you need insurance to protect.

As an insurance intermediary, we are closer to you than an underwriter. Your continued success is in our best interest. The more you grow, the more coverage and indemnity you will need. Naturally, we have a vested interest in your growth, and that is why we are always happy to help you.

We offer the least documentation to get an hgv motor trade insurance and often only require receipts for the sale and purchase of vehicles or receipts and invoices pertaining to your business. The same applies to increasing indemnity, adding riders and extra covers after taking a policy with us. We firmly believe that insurance should be easy for all right from documentation to claims processing.

Once you receive your policy documents from us, you can always give us a call or write to our customer service department for any policy related queries. However, we also have an independent claims department that only handles claim requests and processing. We prioritize claims handling above all else because ultimately that is why you purchase insurance.

Insurance4MotorTrade.com is here for all your insurance related activities, both before and after purchasing an hgv motor trade insurance.