Windscreen, Exhaust and Tyre Fitter Insurance

As a windscreen, exhaust and tyre fitter, you will need insurance for many of the services you offer. Right from contents cover, business premises to employers liability and public liability, Insurance4MotorTrade can get you a policy with everything you will ever need. It is quick to setup and hassle-free. You can work without worrying about the interruption of work or loss of income. Our tyre fitter insurance is affordable and reliable.

We understand there are many risks associated with your line of work. Be it changing the exhaust, fixing a windscreen or replacing tyres our bespoke tyre fitter insurance policies will keep your business safe and secure.

As standard, we offer three levels of cover for tyre, exhaust and windscreen fitters. Moreover, you can always enhance your protection by opting for extras or riders that protect other aspects of your business. Depending on the location of your business, you can choose between a basic road risk policy or business premises cover.

You can opt from the following Motor Trade Insurance covers, each successive policy costing slightly more but offering higher protection.

Third Party Only – This kind of tyre fitter insurance does not include actual damage to the customer vehicle and only protects third parties such including life.

Fire and Theft Third Party – With this level of cover you receive fire and theft protection in the event the car you are working on or driving catches fire, is stolen or vandalized on our public property or public roads.

Comprehensive Cover – A full road risk package that includes the vehicle in your possession as well as third party and fire or theft damage. For home traders, tyre and exhaust fitters, the full cover is always a safer choice.

Business Premises – Such a cover is suitable for folks who have a registered address for their garage, other than their home address. It protects not just customer vehicles and third party interests but also your garage and stock or equipment, depending on the kind of additional extras you have in place.

Road risk or business premises is, of course, the bare minimum you need as a tyre fitter. Naturally, all insurance brokers offer this level of indemnity and cover. We go beyond what is considered average and include covers exclusive to your nature of the business.

If you have a pit to work on a car from below, you naturally have a lot more expensive tools than someone who offers their services on a part time basis. We understand the nature of your exhaust and tyre fitting business before advising on specific insurance plans. For those with specialized wheel balancing machinery, tyre fitting automated rigs and car pits, we offer a customized tools and equipment cover with business premises that covers more than just the road risks and customer vehicles.

As a tyre fitter, you work on cars, motorbikes, vans, HVG, trucks and may even entertain particular construction or heavy-duty vehicles. You know your regular clientele and probably even stock up on spare tyres, windshields and other small components necessary for basic repairs. Our content cover will ensure your stock never results in a business loss on account of theft, damage or otherwise.

Insurance is a necessity to run any business. It is the only backup you have, but that does not mean you have to pay exorbitant premiums. We at i4MT deal with multiple underwriters with vast experience in the motor trade insurance sector. When we offer a quotation to you, it isn’t just well priced but also configured to your nature of the business. We pride ourselves on giving all our customers affordable and reliable tyre fitter insurance policies.