i4MT Mobile Mechanics Insurance

A customer can call you to their home, work place or you may have to service their vehicle on the roadside. As a mobile mechanic, you travel with your tools and accessories, servicing vehicles where they are rather than have customers come to the garage. To begin with, you may not even have a garage!

We understand the difference between a mobile mechanic and a garage. The mobile mechanic insurance we put together includes everything that your motor trade service needs right from road risk insurance to tools and equipment cover. In fact, we have a special arrangement with our underwriters so you can add extra covers or increase indemnity as your business grows.

You are on call 24/7 and probably already have a van with the right set of tools and equipment. Your garage is your vehicle, and you only carry the bare minimum spares necessary for common repairs. Be it a water leak, pulled clutch cable or broken air conditioner - you have a solution at hand. There are times when you need to buy and stock spares, but most of the time you deal with minor problems that do not necessarily need towing or transport back to your home or garage.

What you need as a bare minimum is a road risk policy that allows you to drive and work on vehicles not registered in your name. With the standard mobile mechanic insurance from i4MT, to begin with, you have third party coverage so you can test drive customer vehicles before and after servicing. You can also drive the car back to your home if it needs a more rigorous maintenance. Additionally, there are two other forms of Road Risk covers available as part of Mobile Mechanic Insurance.

Fire and Theft Road Risk – As the name suggests, your typical road risk cover is enhanced with fire and theft rider. During the time, a customer vehicle is in your care, if it is damaged due to fire, vandalism or stolen, insurance will help cover the financial fallout.

Comprehensive Cover – Opting for a full cover makes better sense as a mobile mechanic. Road risk is by nature a third-party insurance. In the event of an accident, you nor the vehicle you drive is covered. Only the damage to third parties and public property is covered. However, if you take a comprehensive mobile mechanic insurance, you and the vehicle in your possession is insured.

As a mobile mechanic, you probably possess a van and whole range of tools. Some of the equipment might even be expensive to repair or replace in the event of an accident. If you are willing to increase the coverage and indemnity, you can always include all your instrument and equipment under the mobile mechanic insurance. Additionally, any stock or spares you carry around gets clubbed together depending on the kind of tool and equipment cover you take.

Unlike a traditional garage or home trader, mobile mechanics can offer a whole range of services. Each new service entails additional tools, equipment and probably even special vehicles. A mobile mechanic may provide recovery and breakdown service, roadside assistance, battery charging, home based MOT service, valeting and car wash. The possibilities for a mobile mechanic are many. That is why we take your exact nature of mobile service into account before configuring a bespoke insurance.

The underwriters and insurers we speak assess the risks of your business on a per-individual basis considering all possibilities before preparing a policy that includes riders and covers. Ultimately, we can source many quotations from several of our underwriters at the most competitive rates and are capable of insuring your entire business subject to the premium you are willing to pay.

The range of products we can include in your insurance is massive, but instead of having separate covers, you have a single premium. If tomorrow you decide to increase your indemnity or add a brand-new cover, you don’t have to deal with a separate premium but pay a single MTA or mid-term adjustment.

Remember, the least you need is road risk insurance to operate as a mobile mechanic but to protect your investment and business you need a lot more than just third-party road risk. Why pay separate for each new cover and spend more when we can club all of them together into a comprehensive mobile mechanic insurance policy?