19 Jul

Looking for Used Parts for Your Vehicle? Try a Salvage Yard

Looking for Used Parts for Your Vehicle? Try a Salvage Yard

If you are like most people, the longer you have your car, the greater the chance is that you will need to replace some sort of part at some point in time. When that happens, you may be able to save yourself some money by locating your own replacement parts. Even if you are having someone else do the actual repair work, taking the initiative to locate your own replacement parts can prove to be a very cost effective alternative to purchasing brand new parts.

Salvage yards are businesses whose primary job is to help you locate replacement parts for your vehicle. The parts they provide are generally used original manufacturer (OEM)parts. Every one in a while, you may find some brand new OEM overstock parts at some larger salvage yards, but those are few and far between. So generally speaking, understand that when you purchase parts from a salvage supplier, they will generally be used parts.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when dealing with salvage yards.

1. They are all over the place. A simply internet search will undoubtedly come up with numerous listings. Some will be local, while others may be national suppliers (yes, many salvage yards ship nationwide now, sometimes free of charge). Often times, they are businesses located off the beaten path because they need a large area for their operations. As such, it may be likely that you have a salvage yard in your area that perhaps you never noticed before.

2. Their reach is far and wide. As briefly mentioned above, many salvage yards will not only ship nationally, but they can also search for parts nationwide. So even if they do not have the part you need, they may be able to locate it somewhere else and get it for you. There can sometimes be additional charges involved, but if it is a part you desperately need and are having trouble locating, the salvage supplier can help.

3. They carry a plethora of parts and usually provide some sort of warranty. Like any other business, salvage suppliers want to sell you what you need. Salvage yards carry a multitude of parts for all different types of vehicles, old and new. Body parts such as mirrors, fenders, doors and hoods are commonly stocked items. Wheels are another popular item. If your wheels are scratched or bent and you are in need of a replacement wheel, a salvage vendor can locate a matching wheel for you. Some will even have the ability for you to email them a picture of your wheel to ensure they locate an exact match.

No matter what you are searching for, the salvage expert will be able to tell you what the warranty is on any given part. This could be something as small as a tail light, or something much larger like an engine. Yes, you heard that right. You can get a used engine from a salvage yard, and transmissions too. Most salvage yards will be more than happy to work with you to locate a used engine or transmission.

Utilizing parts from salvage yards is a great option for a multitude of reasons. Those who need to be cost conscious in regards to what they spend on parts can find great deals, while others who may need to find a part that has been discontinued by the original manufacturer may hit the jackpot by contacting a salvage yard. They are a good alternative to contacting the dealership that most people do not usually think to utilize. Keep this in mind next time you are in the market for replacement parts.